After two years of cancelations, it was almost assumed that we may never see the return of the famed Louisiana Pirate Festival. The 2020 festival was postponed for a few months but ultimately canceled due to COVID-19 at the time. As we rounded the corner into the new year, it looked promising that the festival might return in 2021. The new wave of the virus hit Louisiana and shut the festival down again, along with Mardi Gras.

The Louisiana Pirate festival features carnival-style rides, vendors from all over the state, and all the food you could possibly want in one area. It also has, of course, pirates. Despite controversy over the past years, the festival has been able to adapt and stay afloat until it was forced to shut down due to COVID-19.

According to their page, the festival is going to rise out of the ashes and be ready to return with one-eyed vengeance for the 2022 season. The Louisiana Pirate Festival will return from April 28 through May 8 of 2022!

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