With elections in Louisiana being this Tuesday, November 13. One thing you want to be sure of is that the last thing that should be a concern is whether or not you are at the right polling spot. Since last year's Hurricanes, many locations that we have grown accustomed to are no longer feasible for daily traffic, let alone voting.

Many of them are still dealing with internal and external repairs. If your voting location is not listed below then you will be returning to your normal location to cast your vote in the upcoming Senate election for Louisiana.

Please pay attention to some of the changes that are listed below, and place them in a keepsake for this Tuesday. If you normally vote at the Sheriff's Substation, Bell City Branch, 7085 Highway 14 East, Bell City. Your new temporary polling spot will be at Bell City High School 7161 Highway 14 East, Bell City (Precinct No,261)

If you normally vote at the Calcasieu Parish Public Works East Maintenance Facility, 5500- B Swift Plant Road, Lake Charles. You will need to vote at Sowela Regional Training Center 3749 Senator J. Bennett Johnston Avenue, Lake Charles at (Precinct No. 361).

If Frasch Park Recreation Center, 400 Picard Road, Sulphur is your normal polling location. Be prepared to vote at Frasch Elementary School, 540 South Huntington, Sulphur (Precinct No 402)

Finally, for those who normally vote at Ward 8 Fire Protection District N. Two Fire Station 3395 Manchester Road, Iowa, you will need to vote at their new temporary location at Ward Two Fire Protection District No. One Fire Station, 5677 Manchester, Iowa (Precinct Nos 861 E and 861 W).

This is the time to make sure that your voice is heard as there are some upcoming elections that you should really be a part of on Tuesday, Nov 13. If you would like additional information call 337-437-3550 or log on to www.geauxvote.com.





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