While Louisiana is known for having great food. Did you know about these Urban Legends that plague Louisiana? This is my first time hearing about them myself. But I think that you'll be surprised at the back story and very interesting in some of the details on these Urban Legends, according to OnlyInYourState.com.

The Tunnels Under LSU- The story is that various groups used the underground tunnels beneath the LSU campus. Others claim that it was a secret military base. The final tale is that the mounds were built by the indigenous people and haunt the location various times a year from over 5000 years ago.

Ellerbe Road School In Caddo Parish- This location is formerly the George Washington Carver High. There are speculations and reports of a janitor who molested and abducted students. The property is said to be haunted, whether it's the lost or abused children is unknown.

The Devil man Of Algiers- is someone I would not want to see. In 1938, it is said that a Devil Man was roaming the streets of Louisiana in Algiers and bothering couples as they were out and about. There are reports that while he never committed murder. Those who ran across his had a flash of temporary deaths.

Wild Mouse Roller Coaster, Baton Rouge- The Fun Fair Park was an amusement park that included a ride called the "Wild Mouse". The well-known legend is that the park was shut down after someone was reported to have been decapitated on one of the rides at the park.

Rougarou aka The Loup- Garou- The legend here is that a famous half-man/ half-wolf would roam the swamps of Louisiana and wander the streets. The individual was on the search for human blood, especially those who were reported to be bad individuals. The additional rumor is that if you were attacked by him, you would become one as well.

The Haunting of Spanish Moon Bar- Before becoming a bar it is rumored to have been a temporary morgue in 1927 during the Great Mississippi Flood. It has been said that folks who attended the bar could hear ghosts knocking around the property.

The Grunch- This is a group of outcasts from New Orleans east. The group of individuals consisted of little people and albino individuals who were teased and ridiculed. They are reported to have been evil and insane and would sacrifice animals.

Brain-Eating Amoeba in St. Bernard Parish Water Supply- This is based on a 4- year old who died from a flesh-eating amoeba in 2013. It is reported that if the Amoeba Naegleria Fowleri could cause health issues if it enters your body.


While Louisiana is truly one of the great states with culture, food, and fun. These are some interesting tidbits about the state. I am sure there are many folklores or other interesting things about Louisiana that many would find interesting. Make sure to let me know so that I can spread the word for our followers and listeners.


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