The City of Lake Charles is asking water customers to conserve water from 10am to 7pm daily during the current drought.  Here is a news release from the city:


The following is a news release from the City of Lake Charles:

The city of Lake Charles is asking its customers to voluntarily conserve water wherever possible.  Due to the extended drought conditions and extended period without rain, water usage has increased substantially.  Usage has increased two to three million gallons per day over the normal average daily usage for this time of year.

Customers are asked to water lawns sparingly and only in the early morning and late evening hours.  Watering between the hours of 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. should be curtailed as this is the hottest part of the day when evaporation is greatest.  Allowing the lawn to grow longer will also protect it during drought conditions.

Customers should also practice water conservation inside their homes.  Faucets and toilets should be checked to ensure there are no noticeable leaks.  Conservation with reduced usage can result in customer savings in such ways as lower water bills, wastewater costs, and even lower energy bills.

The City of Lake Charles Water Division would also like to inform its customers that the increased demand on the water supply and distribution system is causing intermittent periods of discolored water. The increased water usage causes iron particulates, which are normally stable, to move around within the system resulting in discolored water.  In extreme cases, city personnel can perform flushing of the water main to help alleviate the problem, but in most cases the water should clear up within a few hours.

John Cardone, City Administrator, asks that our customers partner with the city in conserving water during these drought conditions and help the city maintain responsible resource management of its water supply.

Source: City of Lake Charles

So don't use the water in the city if you don't have to.

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