It's hot out there and we all know this especially if you live here in Lake Charles or Southwest Louisiana. Yesterday, a bunch of folks must have received their latest electric bills because they lit up Facebook posting shocking numbers of how high their bills have gone up.

Some of the numbers and amounts for their electric bills are jaw-dropping. During our investigation, it looks like folks' bills jumped up at least $50 to $200 in one month.

Namepic, ThinkStock
Namepic, ThinkStock

We asked our Facebook friends what provider they had and how much their bill is this month compared to last month and the difference in the amounts is eye-popping.  Check these out.

One Lake Charles resident said their bill went from $239 to $287

Another said last month was $181, and this month is $307.

Another Facebook friend said, $189 last month, $323 this month

Someone else chimed in saying $89 last month. $187.00 this month. We've done nothing different!

One more comment we received said $134. This month $275.


Also in the comments, people were saying things like,

"Electric companies are charging extra on bills for damages from storms here in Louisiana".


We cannot confirm if this is true or not.

Another comment we received was saying,

Between gas prices, food, and this, I think we are in big trouble.

So there you have it. Not only are gas and food going up, but it looks like our electric bills are also on the rise. Hang in there y'all, we will get through this together.

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