As I am typing this, the average gas price in Louisiana is $4.49 a gallon while the national average has crept up to $4.95 a gallon. Calcasieu Parish is sitting right around $4.57 a gallon. That's just for regular gasoline, not including diesel which is currently $5.27 a gallon!

Chesson's Grocery
Chesson's Grocery

With us not traveling any less, and prices going up, sometimes you have to go back to an older way of getting around. It seems that exact thing just happened at Chesson's Grocery in Sweetlake. They posted pictures of a cowboy riding on up to the store and even took advantage of their "hitchin post". It's really a safety barrier in case you forget your car is in drive and you hit the gas pedal, but nothing wrong with having a double use!

The comments on the post were quite funny and even inspired a few more people around the area to do the same. I always wanted a horse for Christmas, maybe it's a sign to go ahead and find one. I think me and Petunia, the name of my now imaginary horse, would get along just fine to and from the radio station to go to work. Plus, we could eat ice cream together. Can you give ice cream to a horse? Guess I will find out!

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