If you remember a month or two ago, KPLC did a story on street racing happening at the Lake Charles Civic Center. The area around the Civic Center is covered in burnout marks and donut marks from vehicles and motorcycles.

Residents of the downtown area complained, and KPLC got involved. They did a report on it and talked with the LCPD on how they will be controlling the area to prevent it from happening. However, they did ask that anyone having more information to please let them know. Well, someone certainly did and the post went a tad bit viral in the car community.

For those of you not up to speed on your Fast and Furious history, Hector did indeed show up to Harry's and bought three of everything. Now, the question is, would someone actually recognize that this information is literally from a movie in 2001?

KPLC either Googles well or someone over there knows their movie history. Some may not quite understand where the clapback is coming from in their response. The reply they gave around June 25 is, in fact, the release date for the newest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. Fast 9 will release on June 25 of this year as the ninth movie the franchise has produced.

I gotta hand it to KPLC, I would have been a bit more wild with my response, but theirs was pretty good.

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