Jean Lafitte and his Buccaneers will find some resistance as they prepare to take over Lake Charles for the Contraband Days Festival. They will eventually over power the militia as they always do and it's time for Randy Roach to "take a dip in the drink."

Don Rivers

The cannon and musket fire will begin at five today along the Lake Charles Civic Center Seawall. Boats full of pirates will pass by yelling threats and boasting (as pirates tend to do.) They'll fire their muskets and cannons and the militia along the seawall will return fire in their futile attempt to ward off the pirates. The pirates will land around six and take Mayor Rand Roach hostage and force him to "walk the plank" and test the temperature or the lake's water. It's a tradition your family (especially the little boys) will enjoy. Then the festival kicks into high gear. Check the schedule for lots of fun events over the next two weekends.


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