It's been an eyesore since 2005 when Rita blew through town and many residents can hardly wait for the demolition of the former casino hotel... But now another option has presented itself in the form of an offer to buy the property.

The demolition of the former Harrah’s Casino Hotel building could be delayed because a company has expressed interest in the vacant facility.

Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach asked the city council Tuesday for a resolution that would allow his administration to hear a proposal from Windstar Hospitality Group.

A lawyer representing the company sent the city a letter announcing intentions to make an offer to the city for the property.

If a deal can be made, the company would renovate the hotel and possibly build a restaurant.

Last week, the council approved a measure asking Pinnacle Entertainment, which owned the property before donating it to the city, to tear the former hotel down.

Roach said the administration needs time to evaluate any Windstar proposal.

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