I woke up yesterday morning to to the horrific news that three police officers had been shot and killed in Baton Rouge.  I mean right here in our home state.  My heart dropped because it really hits home for me seeing that I am a former police officer myself.

Well yesterday we heard from Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso and the Mayor of Lake Charles Randy Roach as they both released statements about the tragedy in Baton Rouge.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso said:

“We, at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office are praying for the families of the fallen officers and the entire Baton Rouge community,” says Sheriff Tony Mancuso. “I am also concerned for our deputies.  We will still get up every day and come to work to protect our community, but the safety of our deputies is imperative to me, so I’m calling on our community to continue their partnership with law enforcement so we can all stay safe.  Let’s all please have a talk with our children and grandchildren and teach them to respect and comply with authority.  I can assure you if everyone shows respect and complies with law enforcement officers, no one will get hurt.”

Sheriff Mancuso continues, “This is a heartbreaking but worrisome time for law enforcement and their families.  Please pray for us and our safety.”


Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach also released a statement on the shootings saying:

On behalf of the citizens of Lake Charles I extend our sincere sympathy to the families of those law enforcement officers who were gunned down in the line of duty in the City of Baton Rouge earlier this morning. Words cannot adequately express our sadness and sense of loss for those who died and those who were severely injured.

All indications are that this was a premeditated, deliberate act. It follows in the wake of a similar act of violence in Dallas, Texas, in which five law enforcement officers were deliberately shot and killed. We join together with citizens from all over the country in expressing our concern, support and appreciation for all law enforcement personnel who work tirelessly and selflessly to protect us each and every day.

The City of Baton Rouge is more than just our capital city. In many ways it represents the heart of our great state. We offer all of its citizens our sympathy and support as they face the difficult and stressful days ahead.

Our ancestors sacrificed too much for us to allow the senseless, inhumane acts of persons who have no regard for our core values as an American people to divide or discourage us. The future of the most vulnerable among us depends on our collective ability to look beyond our present circumstances. We must recommit ourselves to the basic principles which unite us as American citizens - the rule of law and liberty and justice for all people.

Randy Roach


City of Lake Charles, LA


Pray for all the victims in this tragedy and let's take the advice of our elected officials.

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