I really had trouble with the headline for this one. Should it be based on Sulphur Mayor Chris Duncan winning re-election. Should it be based on him beating the same candidate again; or should it be based on the fact that (according to the American Press) less than 4,00 people voted in the election. 


It is voter apathy that causes less than a third of registered voters to take the trouble to vote? Sulphur Mayor Chris Duncan will celebrate none the less. He garnered 57 percent of the vote to defeat the same person he defeated in the last election (then Mayor Ron LeLeux).

So was this lack of voter turnout a message that the residents of Sulphur do not really care who the mayor is? Does it instead say that residents think either of the candidates would do a decent job... or was it simply a beautiful Spring day and everybody forgot to vote. When the road signs outnumber the votes cast ... something is going on.

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