Calcasieu Parrish Sheriff Tony Mancuso held a press conference to address the recent stabbing at a local Walmart. The senseless crime resulted in a 13-year-old child stabbing a 15-year-old girl to death. Not only did these children commit a crime in front of several witnesses in a store with several cameras, but juvenile associates also filmed the murder live on social media. What were they thinking? Better yet, where were their parents?

Chances are, if adults were on the scene, the violent encounter could've been avoided. There is certainly no one answer or solution for any violence. The best parents in the world could have kids who do bad things, just like these kids know the difference between right and wrong. There has to be accountability, and responsibility on both ends.

These kids need to understand there are life changing consequences for their actions. At the same time, as parents, we need to be more involved with what our kids are doing. That's exactly what Sheriff Mancuso said Sunday, January 26, at a press briefing about escalating juvenile violence in the city. Mancuso warned it will end, but would rather parents lead the way.

There is a juvenile curfew law in Calcasieu Parrish, and Sheriff Mancuso warned it will be aggressively enforced from here on out.

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