I love hearing crossover music into Cajun French. Sometimes it's a bit funny, other times it just makes the song take on a whole new feeling and meaning.

The song Tennessee Whiskey has been around since 1981, written by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove. It was first offered to George Strait, but he decided to turn it down. In 1981, it charted at number 77 for David Allan Coe on his album with the same name. Just two years later, George Jones recorded a version of the song. Jones' version performed way better than Coe's, climbing its way to number two in the Hot Country Chart.

It became mainstream popular one fateful night as Chris Stapleton took the stage at the CMA Awards with Justin Timberlake. Stapleton belted out his version alongside Timberlake during the awards ceremony. That performance alone landed Stapleton into stardom and ended up going Platinum six times for him.

Now, the song has moved into a whole new language. It was put on YouTube and performed by Earl Seaux from Kaplan, Louisiana. I ran across it over the weekend and decided I just had to share it with you. Take a listen to it and tell me it doesn't bring on a whole new feel to the song.

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