Bethany and Andrew Verret were obviously expecting their next child, just not expecting it to happen in the passenger seat of their Tahoe. Bethany explains in her absolutely hilarious Facebook post that the couple had decided to go Saturday night, the day before Father's day, to their Mardi Gras Krewe bingo party. She said it involved a lot of pineapple juice and walking around that night. She noticed she was beginning to have mild contractions after the party, but at 30 minutes to an hour apart, she wasn't too concerned.

The 39-weeks pregnant Bethany woke up the next morning finding her contractions happening more frequently, but still around ten minutes apart. It was Father's Day, so it was decided they would still do their Father's Day plans, then take a ride to the hospital. This being her second child, she seemed to have it all planned out. They opted to go ahead and get a to-go order for lunch and head to the hospital as her contractions were becoming a touch more frequent. Being a multitasker, Bethany convinced her husband that, after getting their food they should run by their house to check on their newly painted shed, then run by Rouses. Dear reader, this lady is the definition of cool as a cucumber. There's no way I would have just gone around town with a pregnant wife running errands.

They grab their food and get ready to head to the house to check on the shed. As they leave with the food, Bethany realizes her contractions are getting way more intense now. She suggests to her husband, Drew, that maybe they should head to the hospital instead of home. Drew apparently tells her he wanted to eat at his house, realizing his pregnant wife was already calm about the whole situation, of course. The contractions at the time are only five to seven minutes apart, according to Bethany. Drew loads their bags up in their vehicle when they get home and then proceeds to eat his burger. After a trip to the bathroom, Bethany realizes the contractions are getting super intense and are down to 30 seconds apart. She heads out to the car to wait on her husband to finish eating right fast. The contraction pain gets too intense, and she screams for her husband that they have got to go right now.

As they tear off toward the hospital, she is screaming at her husband to run all of the lights. She's crying and in pain. In the midst of all of this insanity, she mentions in her story she was able to record a video on her phone letting their newborn know they can't wait to meet the baby as they are rushing at the speed of Mach Jesus to get to the hospital. Let me repeat that, this lady in the middle of chaos had enough thought to pull her phone out and record a message for their child. She is the most intense woman I have ever read about.

Bethany Verret
Bethany Verret

As they get closer to the hospital, Bethany says all she can feel is pressure down below. She screams to her husband that her water broke and the baby is coming. She rips her pants down, much to her husband's dismay, and here comes the head. Her husband is screaming at her to put her pants back on, but that just isn't going to happen. She says he's screaming through the parking lot of the ER, trying to get there as the baby slides the rest of the way out.

Drew runs into the ER to yell for help and the nurses run out like the cavalry. Bethany notices the baby is blue and the cord is on top of her neck. She moves the cord, pats her on the back, and get a cry just as the nurses arrive. She hears the nurse tell her everything is going to be okay and that it's a girl. They clamp the cord off, wrap the newborn in Drew's shirt, and they get her inside to finish delivering the placenta.

Bethany finishes her story with a review of giving birth in a speeding vehicle. She said it was a good experience for the fact that she wasn't hooked up to any monitors, no epidural to recover from, and the hospital bill was way cheaper. She did say the juices involved with having a baby in your car seem to be a downside, but that they were able to clean them just fine after the fact. She can also confirm the front passenger seat of a Chevrolet Tahoe can, indeed, provide enough space to catch a newborn baby.

Congrats to Bethany and Drew on your newborn baby girl. Thank you so much for letting me share this amazing, hilarious story with everyone. If you'd like to read the story from her post, you can do so on her Facebook page.

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