Popeyes is now helping everyone who gets brain lock while ordering at their restaurants with a new special meal.

My wife is the world's worst at this. I can give her a 36-hour notice of where we're going to eat and she'll still say "I don't know" when the server or cashier asks what she would like to order. I can't wait to try this at our local Popeyes in Moss Bluff.

This is totally genius. Now when someone says they don't know what they want to order, the cashier can respond with, "Okay, great. I'll get you that then."

The I Don't Know Meal is essentially their most popular meal on the menu: their chicken sandwich. Right now, if you order the I Don't Know Meal on their website or app, you'll get a free premium lemonade with your order. It's only available at participating locations.

I called Popeyes locations here in SWLA, Lafayette, and Houston and much to my disappointment, everyone who answered the phone thought I was playing a prank on them. So it appears that we're out of luck, once again, here in the south.  However, you can still order it from their website or app and get that free lemonade.

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