Legendary Cajun and Country artist Jo-El Sonnier has been in the business for well over 50 years now and he has had huge success on both the Cajun and national Country circuits. He was rewarded over the weekend with a Grammy nomination for his latest album.

I remember where I was when this CD came out.  I was emceeing a festival in Kinder and Jo-EL was playing there.  He came up to me and said, "Mike, come outside to my car.  I just finished a new CD and I want you to hear some of it."  Well of course I went to listen to it.

I remember listening to each song and thinking to myself, 'Wow this is a great CD".  With a Grammy nomination now to it's credit I guess I was right!  Song after song, you will enjoy the harmonies and the feelings and meaning behind the songs.  This truly is a great record and very deserving of the Grammy nomination!

Jo-EL is a member of the  Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and the Lake Charles CFMA Hall of Fame.

Here is Jo-EL Sonnier's Grammy Invitation making it truly official!

Grammy Invitation for Jo-EL (Facebook.com/joelsonnier)

Jo-EL Sonnier's Grammy nomination is for his latest full length album, The Legacy. He is nominated for the Grammy in the "Best Regional Roots Album" category.

The Grammy Awards will be handed out on February 8, 2015.


Grammy Nominated Album "The Legacy" by Jo-EL Sonnier (Photo provided by Jo-EL Sonnier)


Grammy Nominated Album "The Legacy" Song List -- Jo-EL Sonnier (Photo provided by Jo-EL Sonnier)


The Legacy was produced by award winning producer and musician, Shane Theriot, and is filled with original songs written by Sonnier that evoke emotions reminiscent of the traditional Cajun artists of the past.

Source: AmeriCajun Management



This is the fourth time that J0-EL Sonnier has been nominated for a Grammy award.

You can several of the songs listed above right here on Cajun Radio everyday!

Congrats Jo-EL!