During this pandemic, we have all been wondering what businesses would be able to make it and which ones wouldn't. Well, we have learned that JC.Penney, as part of their bankruptcy restructuring, will close 154 in the United States. Three of those stores are in Louisiana.

However, the company did say they have reopened around 500 stores across the country after being closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

JC Penney (Getty Images)
JC Penney (Getty Images)

If you are wondering, the Lake Charles location at the Prien Lake Mall was not one of the stores on the chopping block, but here are the three stores closing in Louisiana.

  • The closest one to Southwest Louisiana is the Lafayette location inside the Acadiana Mall on Johnston Street
  • The Metairie location inside the Lakeside Shopping Center on Veterans Memorial Blvd
  • Shreveport at the Regal Court Shopping Center on Youree Road

We have seen stores closing left and right in the area, while some never opened back up from March when the stay-at-home order was issued.

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