Over the weekend, I started seeing more and more people share a random article about some Cracker Barrel stores selling alcohol. Now, as far as I was aware, the chain did not. According to WVLT in Tennessee, things have changed at the old country store.

Cracker Barrel told the news station they have been testing alcoholic beverages at a few locations, including two in Tennessee now. The beverages being sold include beer, wine, and mimosas. That's right, mimosas!

The thinking about the new bubbly addition is to help spring the barrel back as it was forced to only to-go orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. It took a toll on the chain, but if the rest of the locations perform as well as their test stores, it should be a win across the board for them.

Getty Images for British Film Co
Getty Images for British Film Co

Although the restaurant is open for business again, it is offering an extremely stripped down menu due to supply issues. Perhaps this is another reason to serve booze. After a few mimosas, we really won't care what is put in front of us to eat!

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