I get into the weirdest conversations with my kid. The other night, we were having dinner when he decided it was time I learned how to properly identify sandwiches, according to him.

The way he sees it, a multilayered, Dagwood-style sandwich should be named based on how many slices of bread it uses and not on how many "technical sandwiches" it creates. In other words, he thinks a Big Mac should be called a Triple rather than a Double because, despite the fact that it's basically two hamburgers in one, it uses three slices of bread.

It's nonsense, of course, but that didn't stop him from insisting I get the internet's opinion. He even created special graphics to illustrate his point, so I had to throw the question to social media.

Which is when the war started.

I started on Twitter before moving to Facebook, and the results have been interesting. While people on Twitter are still arguing over the nuances of sandwich nomenclature and can't agree on anything, Facebook users were firmly on my side from the start.

To further complicate things because my child loves to torment me and make me question my very existence, he added what he calls the Quad Sandwich, which is clearly a triple since it makes three separate sandwiches, but since it uses four pieces of bread...


The comments have been the best part, though. Here are a few from Twitter:

It just goes on like that for days and nobody agrees on anything. People have even brought hot dogs and calzones into the mix, along with Hot Pockets, empanadas, and pie. Basically, everyone is fighting each other and no one will ever win. You know, like with politics. The Facebook poll is firmly on Team Double, though. So there's that.

What do you think? Who's right, internet? My kid and I are locked in an EPIC BATTLE and there can be only one winner. I want to be the Highlander here, so please vote Team Double.

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