It's not exactly what any of us in the Gulf South really wanted to hear now, actually, or ever but it is what it is. A vigorous tropical wave just east of the Cabo Verde Islands in the far eastern Atlantic is more than likely going to be the 2017 Hurricane Season's next named storm.

Forecasters with the Hurricane Center are giving this system a 90% probability of developing into a tropical depression or tropical storm over the next two days. The environment around the system is conducive for development and satellite views confirm that convection associated with the system is quite healthy.

The long range forecast models do bring this system very close to the Windward Islands over the next five days. Some of the longer range models put this system near the Gulf of Mexico but those models are seldom reliable when extrapolated over such a long period of time.

Should this system earn a name in the next 24 to 48 hours it would be called Irma. That would make it the 9th named storm of the season.

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