As we can see from the above model from the National Hurricane Center not much has changed from the 1 pm advisory.  Harvey is moving NNE at 6 mph with the winds increasing 5 mph to 50 mph as he slowly approaches the Louisiana coast.  One thing we know is that he has picked up additional water from the Gulf and that can cause us some problems here in SWLA with certain areas still a Dixie cup away from flooding again.

Also the NHC model shows that Harvey should make landfall in Louisiana earlier than expected on the last model.  We are now looking at landfall later tonight.  The current track of the storm has the eye coming between Lake Charles and Iowa.

As you can see from the National Hurricane Center rainfall model below, parts of SWLA are expected to get anywhere from 2" to 10" of rain depending on where you live.

As we have been saying, rainfall will present the biggest danger for SWLA.  If you know that your area floods, it's time to start either relocating your family or making the appropriate preparations to safe guard your family from potential rising waters.  Make no doubt, there will be a lot of rain dumped on SWLA in a short period of time.  It's not going to be like the Harvey in Texas, he is tracked to come through our area fairly quickly, so the rain will accumulate quickly on our already super saturated ground and potentially cause flooding.

Be safe and please make wise decisions.

Below is the O.E.P meeting from earlier today:
KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

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