"To slip the surly bonds of Earth" has always been a dream of mankind. From the time of the ancients, we as humans have pondered what life would be like if we could spread our own wings and soar to places reserved for the birds and a select few other creatures.


Today, mankind is once again looking toward the moon. And I mean literally today Saturday, September 3rd 2022 a mega-rocket will once again hurtle the hopes and dreams of space exploration into the heavens from a launch pad in Central Florida.

The last time a rocket this large lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center, where today's launch will originate, was 1973. Back then "the mother" of all rockets the Saturn V lifted Skylab into orbit.

As a kid who grew up with "nothing but space between my ears" I am thrilled that so many people are once again fascinated by the technology and the dream of interplanetary travel. I know many of you will want to see history in the making when today's launch happens.

As of now, the Artemis 1 and its Orion spacecraft are set to lift off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 1:17 pm Louisiana time. The launch was supposed to have taken place earlier this week but a technical issue postponed that until today.


If you'd like to watch the liftoff there are several platforms available for you to do so. Most of the major news networks will provide coverage on broadcast and or cable television.

If you'd like to watch the launch on YouTube, you can do that right here.


Coverage of the launch will also be provided via the NASA Artemis Twitter page. You can connect with that page right here.

Now if you're not sure exactly what the mission of the Artemis 1 and the Orion spacecraft is, here's a nice infographic from NASA that should explain, at least in very general terms what scientists hope to accomplish on this ride into space.


With any undertaking of this magnitude, there is the possibility of changes, delays, and even postponement. With this much money and time invested in something that could go "BOOM" the NASA launch directors will have to ensure that every detail of the mission is buttoned up before the spacecraft is given a "Go for Liftoff".

According to the SPACE.com website, today's launch window will be open for two hours. So, the launch will have to happen sometime between 1:17 pm CDT and 3:17 pm CDT. The wiggle room is built in for all of those unforeseen variables and of course the weather.

As of now, it does not look as if the weather will be an issue, let's hope we get an "all systems go" and they light the candles on mankind's return to the moon later today.

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