I spoke with Chief Meteorologist Wade Hampton this morning LIVE from Cape Canaveral Florida from the launch site of the final  Space Shuttle mission for NASA as the prepare to launch Atlantis.

Wade is out there covering the launch for all the folks back here in Southwest Louisiana and he was gracious enough to talk with me too.  Here is the latest from the launch site from Wade:

Shuttle Atlantis

Now less than an hour on the countdown clock; but it will go into a hold at T - 90 minutes. They are closing the hatch on Atlantis now. There are some breaks in the clouds...

Correction: the next hold is at T - 20 minutes and that is where we stand now. Next hold is at T - 9 minutes at which time they will take a poll of everyone to decide a "go" or "no go" for launch... There are more clouds around right now. Again launch scheduled for 1026 central
Source Wade Hampton

Wade has also sent me a cool picture of the Launch site from last night when he was able to get within 300 to 400 yards from the shuttle.  Check it out!!!

Lets hope that the weather holds out for the launch and Atlantis can make the final shuttle mission in NASA's history.

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