What happened to getting fresh linens and having your bed turned down at your favorite hotel? For me, that was something to look forward to while away on vacation. Returning to a clean room and crisp bedding inviting you to plunge in and get some good old r&r. Yep, those were the good ol days. I saw an article on nerd.wallet.com that talked about this very topic! The truth is, hospitality is disappearing in hotel chains across the nation.

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We can thank the pandemic for that. Though some hotels will say the absence of housekeeping is to keep you safe. That isn't necessarily true. It's more about saving them money with the rising costs of materials and supplies, not to mention the nationwide shortage of workers.

Basic amenities that we've all come to expect such as housekeeping or coffee, cream, and sugar in your room are slowly disappearing. Is this okay? Are they necessary? Maybe not the coffee, but if I can't get my towels changed out, my room vacuumed, or my bed turned down, should the cost of the hotel room be the same? The way I see it, no. If hotel chains are cutting back on hospitality they need to cut the price of rooms while they are at it. The average 4-star hotel price is $150 - $250 plus tax per night

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Other amenities disappearing from hotel rooms include bibles, free snacks in the lobby, room service, throw pillows, small plastic bottles, needles and threads, and shower caps. Gone are the days of collecting the mini-lotion or shampoo/conditioners sets for your next trip! If you think about it (depending on your age) there used to be snacks and water bottles in hotel rooms. Not no more. Matter of fact, you'll be hard-pressed to get a refrigerator these days with some hotel chains.

Traveling is still worth the small inconveniences, but things are changing in the hospitality world that's for sure. For more disappearing hotel amenities click here

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