When it comes to politics I am a firm believer in picking those who we feel are the most qualified to fill that position. We can always complain about things, but what are we doing to fix or rectify those things. On Saturday night there was a shake in the city as the seat that was to be filled for District A, and had been filled by Marshall Semien on an interim basis since the passing of former District A Councilwoman Mary Morris passed has now been filled newly elected official Ronnie Harvey Jr.Obviously Ronnie is up for the challenge as just last year he was awarded Louisiana principal of the year in 2021.

There were various discussions about whether or not he could maintain this new position and still be active in his day-to-day routine as a Principal and business owner, and personally, I feel like he can do the job effectively. I have had the chance to meet both gentlemen who were running and both are respectable men. T.A. Jones has a history of being for the community, and really working to keep the community safe, and Ronnie has really revitalized the mindset of many on their thoughts and impression about Washington Marion, and loves his community as well and has businesses in the very community he serves.

Ronnie received 870 votes while T.A. received 341 votes and both of the gentlemen ran as Democrats. It will be very interesting to see how things turn around and I am waiting to see what Ms. Morris started to be carried on and even excelled to even higher feats once Ronnie gets in office. This is truly a great time for us here in Lake Charles and hopefully, we will see the community embrace Ronnie this could truly be a catalyst for even greater things to happen in our city, especially for those who are underserved.


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