What doesn't Shaquille O'Neal do? We know he talks basketball on television. He also pitches a variety of products from fast food to pizza to car insurance plus pain relief for aching muscles and more. He's also out and about in the community sharing the wealth and answering prayers for families in need too.

He also came up with one of the most ingenious ways to avoid paying $80,$90, or even $100 or more on a fill-up of gasoline. But there are some who still question his wisdom and his Shaq-Math methodology. Even though he clearly laid out the plan in front of a national television audience.

You might think, there is nothing else left for Shaq to do? Well, you'd be wrong for thinking that because Shaquille O'Neal can now add "Oscar Winner" to his resume. And the story he helped to tell along with NBA superstar Stephen Curry is a story that needed to be told and retold again.

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Shaq and Steph are among the executive producers of a 22-minute documentary entitled The Queen of Basketball. It's the story of Lusia Harris one of the first women's basketball superstars. That documentary, The Queen of Basketball was awarded an Academy Award during last night's ceremonies in Los Angeles.

Harris, a star at Delta State University in the 1970s helped that small Mississippi school win three straight national championships. Harris was selected to be a member of the United States Olympic team in 1976 where she scored the first basket in Olympic Women's Basketball history. She also helped her American teammates earn a silver medal at those Olympic games.

Harris was also the first female player to be drafted by an NBA team too. She was selected in the seventh round of the 1977 NBA Draft by the New Orleans Jazz. She was unable to join the team at the time because she was pregnant.

In speaking about Lusia Harris Shaquille told ESPN that at first, he had no idea who she was. But in the telling of her story, O'Neal and a lot of us learned a lot more about this iconic sports figure. So, congratulations to Shaquille and to Steph and to the legacy of Lusia Harris an incredible female athlete whose story might not have been told had it not been for the involvement of these basketball stars in their own right.

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