Who knew that the best comedy duo on television would be two of basketball's greatest players? Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal have made watching the pre-game, halftime, and post-game segments of TNT's NBA coverage "must-see TV". I have to admit, their schtick is often more entertaining than the actual games.

What makes the TNT NBA coverage so great is the genuine playfulness that both Shaquille and Charles bring to the broadcast. Yes, they both know a lot about basketball but they realize their job is to also entertain. And they entertain the way siblings entertain at a family reunion. They are constantly sniping at one another, offering insults and cracking jokes at the other's expense.

Often, intelligence or lack of intelligence is what sparks the best moments on the show. You might recall Shaquille's math lesson on saving money on gasoline. It was less about math and all about "Shaq". Well, last night the subject was spelling and this time it was Charles' turn to be in the "hot seat".

Hey, I feel for Charles on this one. Spelling a word you know how to spell when under the spotlight can be hard. I'd probably want to write it down and look at it too. Especially since my phone has taken away my ability to think for myself when it comes to spelling.

Regardless, even if you don't care for basketball, you've got to tune in for the laughs. And who knows you might even learn something, probably won't but you might. And if Shaq and Charles didn't educate you enough, let's turn to the late John Madden, he was a walking encyclopedia of words that weren't supposed to fit together but he sure made them.

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