Honestly, it's been one thing after another. Here in SWLA, we've had nearly a year of destructive weather. Record hurricanes, winter storms, floods, and on and on. We are weeks away from the 2021 Hurricane Season, and most of us are still trying to rebuild from the destruction left behind from 2020. Finding a licensed and honest construction crew in SWLA is either difficult or the construction companies can't take on the work for lack of workers. I know a ton of people who have unfinished work because the construction crew they hired literally walked off the job and never came back.

Now, there is a shortage on building materials and lumber. Seriously? I'm afraid to ask what's next. WAFB Baton Rouge reports contractors are finding it hard to get supplies. One source said it's not just the high prices, but there's also a shortage of critical building materials, from lumber to electrical breakers.

Since last year's back-to-back hurricanes, lumber went from $354 per thousand feet to an all-time high of $1686 in a matter of a few months. According to a report from KPLC, the nearly 475% increase is just now starting to level off, with the latest prices slowing to an estimated $1,264.

With a new hurricane season on the horizon, there's no telling what the prices will be in another month or so.

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