Once again, the Lake Area is forced to rebuild homes and businesses. Hundreds are displaced from homes that might have survived two hurricanes and a freeze, but could not escape the water. Driving in to work today, I had already begun to see wet carpets, furniture, and possessions being put to the street from water damage. The next step is to continue to clean and dry their homes on the inside.

Mayor Nic Hunter released a few organizations that are returning to help residents of the area. They were here for Laura and Delta, and are coming back once again to provide help to our area.

Samaritan's Purse will be back in Lake Charles with the ability and capacity to help residents needing assistance in mucking out their homes. If you need assistance, you can either message them on Facebook or call 337-930-0431

Mercy Chefs came into Lake Charles right after Hurricane Laura to help. They will be returning to the area and will be set up at Life United Lake Charles at 1800 East College Street. They announced on their Facebook page that they received the call from Mayor Hunter and will indeed be deploying to Lake Charles.

Louisiana Conference Disaster Response will be taking calls to help assist residents in cleaning and gutting their homes. If you need help from them, you can call 337-476-1080

If you need any more assistance other than what is listed here, Hunter said you can also dial 211 and ask for help there if you have been impacted by the flooding of May 17.

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