As a rule, baseball is about ten minutes of action jammed into four hours. In other words, the plays that get your blood pressure higher than it needs to be are few and far between. However, when they happen, you might want to make sure you have your medication handy because there can be some dandy moments to experience, especially in the playoffs.

When you consider that we are only four games deep into the 2021 Major League Baseball Playoff Schedule and we've already had moments like this.

That's Chris Taylor of the Los Angeles Dodgers breaking the hearts of St. Louis Cardinal fans on Wednesday night. Taylor's walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth propelled the Dodgers into the National League Divisional Series against their hated rivals the San Francisco Giants.

I'd say, that was a pretty memorable moment but it might not be as exciting as the moment that fans who were watching last night's Red Sox versus Tampa Bay Rays Divisional opener in the American League.

Tampa Bay outfielder Randy Arozarena had already hit a home run in last night's game. His team was up by a score of 4 to 0 when the most talked-about play of the night happened. Here it is for you to peruse.

That's right Arozarena stole home! I can tell you I have never seen a straight steal of home plate happen but last night it did. Arozarena perfectly times the pitching motion of lefthanded pitcher Josh Taylor. As you can see, the lefty basically has his back to Arozarena which allows the base runner to creep down the third baseline.

Then when Taylor starts his motion Arozarena is off like a shot and he actually beats the pitch to home. Now I'm not sure how fast the ball was thrown but most major league pitches are well in excess of 80 mph. Which makes this feat so extraordinary. By the way, it's actually the first time a straight steal of home has been executed in a Major League Baseball Playoff game.

Tampa Bay won the game 5 to 0. The Red Sox will seek redemption later today when those two teams meet in game two of the ALDS Series. Meanwhile, in the National League Houston bested Chicago 6 to 1 to take a one-game to none lead in that series.

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