Baseball fans, it's finally here. The 2016 Major League Baseball season officially begins today with opening day.  I have a few friends who live for this day.  I mean they have actually taken a day off of work to watch baseball all day.

Since we live in Southwest Louisiana I have noticed there are only four teams people really route for around here.  The Houston Astros which is understandable since they are they closest to us.  But around here I have noticed that there are an abundance of New York Yankee, Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers fans too.

Especially Red Sox and Yankee fans and they are hardcore too.  Well all those teams are in action today.

First the Astros will take on the Yankees today at noon and that game will be on ESPN. The Texas Rangers open up at home in Arlington against Seattle and that game will be at 3:00 p.m. on ESPN. Plus the Boston Red Sox will be on the road against Cleveland at 3:10 p.m.

So I think I covered all the teams that people follow from around here.  Happy opening day!