Cajun music superstar and Grammy award winner Steve Riley is celebrating his birthday today!  Steve has been in the Cajun music scene for a long time with his great sound and terrific songs.Steve Riley has had a pretty good year so far. Steve won his first Grammy award along with Wayne Toups and Wilson Savoy for the Band Courtbouillon back in February.

Wayne Toups and Steve Riley Grammy Awards
Wayne Toups and Steve Riley Grammy Awards (Photo provided by Steve Riley and

Steve Riley and his band "The Mamou Playboys" began over twenty years ago with a reputation for excellence.

Steve Riley, of Mamou Louisiana, is a widely acknowledged master of the Cajun accordion and its singularly powerful sound. There has never been an official competition among Cajun accordionists. Whenever a contest does arise, Steve Riley usually wins it, or judges it. Despite the lack of official metrics or quantifying factors, it remains true that most people think Steve is the best there is, and very few would argue the point. His playing is a standard by which timing, phrasing and ingenuity are measured on the royal instrument of South Louisiana. That, combined with his searing, emotional vocals, songwriting, soulful fiddling and onstage front man charisma have led many to refer to the band simply as “Steve Riley.” For many, that would be enough, but for this band, and its devoted fans, there’s much, much more.


Happy Birthday Steve from all your fans and from us here at Cajun Radio!  Thanks so much for the great music!


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