Chubby Carrier Carrier

Joseph "Chubby" Carrier, who won a Grammy Award for his 2010 release of "Zydeco Junkie", celebrates his birthday today. 

Chubby Carrier was born in Lafayette, Louisiana on this day in 1967 and it was inevitable that he would be a Zydeco music artist and follow in his father's footsteps.  Chubby's dad, Roy Carrier, is also a Zydeco music legend.

Chubby started at an early age. He played with his father's band at age 12, first on accordion and then on drums. He played drums with Terrance Simien from 1986 until 1989, then formed a group of his own with his brothers Troy and Kevin.

Chubby Carrier's hard work and great music won him a Grammy Award for his CD "Zydeco Junkie".  Chubby has recently followed that CD up with his latest release called "Rockin' With Roy" where he involves his father and his music.

Mike & Chubby Carrier
Mike Soileau---Cajun Radio

Chubby Carrier also is part of our Zydeco Storytellers series where he played in the Cajun Radio listeners lounge for his fans and our listeners.

Happy Birthday to Chubby Carrier.  A great person, artist and friend of Cajun Radio!


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