This winter storm has battered the Southern states, as we are ill-prepared to deal with extreme freezing weather, and Louisiana is in the same pirogue.

Governor Edwards will take the podium later today to address Louisiana's response to the winter storm that has blanketed the whole state. He's also expected to talk about the progress in the state's fight against COVID-19.

Dr. Joseph Kanter with the Louisiana Department of Health says the weather is delaying COVID-19 vaccine shipments in Louisiana as well as the rest of the country. Hospitals and clinics across the state are having to reschedule their vaccination appointments because of the delays. The U.S. government is working with national carriers to assess the weather conditions to reduce potential vaccine delays.

The news conference is set to begin today at 2:30pm. You can watch it live here.

It baffles me that almost all of the United States is experiencing snow and temperatures of 32 degress or below. I remember telling my kids in 2017 to never forget those days because it might have been the last snow they would see in their lifetimes in SWLA. Boy, did Mother Nature make a fool out of me.

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