There's Louisiana, and then there's LOUISIANA. Just like the Florida man causes havoc in the pan handle, people in Louisiana really show off how Louisiana they are at times.

A gas station in Maurice really takes that "we are from Louisiana" and parades it around like they just got engaged on Christmas Eve! Le Marche' Local Cajun Shop sits on Highway 167. I have personally never heard of it, but it seems to be the hot place for groceries, food, and a whole lot more. From seeing their website, they are the happening place.

What makes me say they're the perfect of example of "how Louisiana can you get" is the fact that I ran across a Facebook post that shared a little promotion they were running.

That's right, buy some gas and get some boudin! Get 24 gallons and receive a whole entire link! I am not knocking the hustle or promotion, don't think that one bit. It just made me smile because they got me with that promotion. I immediately had to go and look where this was at, because I was coming for that free link of boudin after I got my 24 gallons of diesel!

They do more than boudin, they've got king cakes, groceries, pre-made food, and even plumbing according to their website. So go get you some gas, boudin, and pick up a plunger on your way out at Le Marche'!

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