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Believe it or not, what we Googled about the most in Louisiana in 2020 doesn't involve food, football, or Mardi Gras! The most searched 'Should I?' question in Louisiana according to All Home Connections was, 'Should I get a dog?' And the answer is yes, you should. In fact, if you're in a position to be a responsible dog owner, I think you should head to the shelter today! With that being said, wondering if you should get a dog for companionship during a pandemic is natural. But what about some of these other states?!?!?

Why in the world are people in Florida and Maryland asking about shaving their heads? Is it because we were all walking around with COVID hair for so long? I understand folks wanting to take advantage of low finance rates to refinance their mortgage or wanting to upgrade their living conditions by buying a new home. But, what about these people asking about making babies during a pandemic? Granted, we all had some extra recreational time on our hands but do you really have to search about that kind of decision online?

I honestly would have thought that the top searched question in each state would be about coronavirus or the presidential election for 2020, but that shows what I know. Obviously, whether or not you should delete your Facebook account is a priority. Does anyone else find it telling that California wanted to know about getting back with their ex the most?

Which of the results do you find the most interesting? Inquiring minds want to know!

Infographic courtesy of All Home Connections
Infographic courtesy of All Home Connections

[All Home Connections, an authorized AT&T Retailer]

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