Earlier this year, we got a yellow lab puppy that we named Harley Mae. She is completely spoiled and is a constant source of entertainment.

We had her spayed a couple weeks ago, and the vet suggested we give her ice water to encourage her to drink. Little did we know how much of a treat this would be for her, or for us.


One day, I was working in the kitchen and heard the sound of bubbles. I realized it was Harley blowing bubbles into her water dish! As you see in the video, I'm not sure if she believes another dog is staring at her, and she is attacking it or the ice. I'm not sure if she thinks blowing the bubbles will magically release more ice cubes. Whatever her reasoning, it's always entertaining.

By the way, I know there were concerns years ago about giving dogs ice or ice water. However, I completely trust my veterinarian whom I have entrusted with the care of my pets for about 20 years. Also, that myth has been debunked repeatedly by several other veterinarians. While there may be some concerns, according to most reports from vets, they are not dire.

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