What Do Mark Twain, Marie Antoinette, & Tesla Have In Common?
The three seemingly unrelated individuals who were famous in their own unique ways-- Marie Antoinette, Queen of France; Mark Twain, renowned author; Nikola Tesla, brilliant electrical and mechanical engineer-- were all cat lovers.
Interestingly, Tesla's passion for electricity and the path his l…
Pets– Lost Some & Found One
Pets are as much of our family as people, and we were all heartbroken when we lost all three of our elderly dogs within a two-month span. Then, we gained a new one.
The Heat Almost Beat My Sweet Gizzie This Week [VIDEO]
As much as I love my pets and try to make sure they are taken care of during the hot weather, I almost lost my 12-year-old Pekingese Gizzie to heat-related illness this week.
Other than the six two-legged "animals" I have living at my house, we have four dogs and a cat...