The Fourth of July holiday is coming up this weekend, and people will be firing up the grill, heating up the pots, and getting their burners ready to boil or fry up some great food. All across America, people love their Fourth of July cookouts but in Louisiana, we take it a step further by cooking up food you can only get here in our great state.

Louisiana folks do love to fire up their BBQ grills and cook the traditional foods like pork steaks, chicken, and hamburgers. But in Louisiana, we also like to crank it up a notch by BBQing up things like crabs, grilling shrimp and jalapeno poppers, and we also grill things like throwing some boudin on the grill and some handmade smoked sausage. The great debate in Louisiana is what BBQ sauce to use while grilling that we will feature below.

But on the Fourth of July, we also might leave the cover on the BBQ pit and break out our burners and pots to fry up or boil some great seafood for the holiday. Folks in the Bayou State love their seafood and love to cook it outdoors while enjoying the company of their podnas and family while cranking up the tunes and enjoying some cold beers.

I thought I would share with you some of the most popular foods, seasonings, and BBQ sauces Louisiana folks love to use while cooking it up on the Fourth of July.

Foods Louisiana People Cook in the Summer

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