The CDC has strongly encouraged all Americans, ages two and up, to wear face masks to protect themselves and others from contracting COVID-19. Because citizens from state to state are not following the prevention recommendations, the virus is spreading across the U.S. in record numbers. Many cities have begun enforcing face masks and reversing Phase Two and Three operations. One by one, mayors and governors across the nation are going back to shutdown and Phase One mode in an effort to slow to rate of infection.

California, several cities in Texas, Alabama, and Florida have imposed strict fines and even jail time to anyone violating the mandatory face mask ordinance. 4WWL- New Orleans reports that over the past seven days, Louisiana has averaged more new COVID-19 cases than at any point since April. The virus is soaring among young people under 18 and 18-29. In addition, the Louisiana Department of Health reports 91% of the spread is due to community and social gatherings.

New Orleans has joined the growing list of cities to make face masks mandatory. Mayor Cantrell announced the new ordinance last Wednesday, June 24:

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