Sometimes I think the scriptwriters who create the weekly action that is NFL football throw in a few plot twists every week just to make sure we are paying attention. From one of the game's most unique endings to an unbelievable reason to stop play, this week's NFL action certainly measured up for the weekly dose of "what just happened"?

I wouldn't find it hard to believe that most NFL fans are waking up this morning wondering just what had to happen for the Detroit Lions to not lose yesterday. Well, if you're familiar with the Lions, you know losing is kind of their calling card. The team hasn't won an NFL contest in the past 13 weeks. Yesterday's contest with the Pittsburgh Steelers was no different except, while the Lions didn't win, they also didn't lose.

Kansas City Chiefs v Detroit Lions
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The game between Pittsburgh and Detroit ended in a 16 to 16 tie. And, yes, NFL games can end in a tie. The last time it happened was week three of last year's season. But the tie game might not be the strangest thing we saw on an NFL field yesterday.

Perhaps this episode during the NFL Sunday matchup between hated rivals Oakland Los Angeles Oakland  Las Vegas and Kansas City would take the prize for the " I did not see that coming" moment of the weekend. 


The above incident took place in the first half before Kansas City blew the game wide open. The score at the time was KC 10 and Las Vegas 7. As you can see big Quinton Jefferson of Las Vegas reaches across the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped and retrieves some kind of tool.

The guys in the announce booth speculated it could have been a fork or a spoon but it turns out the offensive object was a pair of medical scissors. Why, yes, that would hurt to fall on during the course of a football game.

Tetiana Shyshkina via
Tetiana Shyshkina via

Fortunately, Jefferson noticed the potential danger and removed it from the field of play before the ball was snapped. If he'd had known had badly the game was going to go for Las Vegas, he might have just used the scissors to poke a hole in the ball and let the air out because Kansas City went on to destroy the Raiders by a score of  41 to 14.

Looks like Las Vegas has some cleaning up they need to do. Hmm, maybe this will help.

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