Granted it will not take much to get any NFL fanbase that still has a team in the playoffs fired up for this weekend's conference championship games. The conference championship games will have a very tough act to follow considering how over the top entertaining last weekend's divisional-round games played out.

In those games, all four of them, the winner wasn't decided until the very last play. Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and San Francisco all won their games on walk-off field goals. Meanwhile, the epic contest between Kansas City and Buffalo came down to overtime and a clutch touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes. So, football fans will be expecting a lot when it comes to Sunday's games.

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks
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As you might expect anytime one of the leading players from any of these teams opens their mouths, it's going to provide bulletin board material for the opposing team. Joe Burrow, the quarterback for Cincinnati, doesn't seem to mind that his opponents use his comments to get fired up.

Joe just seems to speak his mind.

One of those comments that might give Kansas City fans a reason to bring their "outside voices" to the game on Sunday is something that Joe Burrow said regarding crowd noise in the NFL. You might recall back in October, Burrow made the statement that "It gets way louder in the SEC than any of these NFL stadiums". Believe it or not, there are those, obviously unfamiliar with SEC football, who disagree.

Dear Mr Tynes, yes Kansas City has a loud and boisterous fan base but they have nothing compared to SEC crowds. The capacity at Arrowhead Stadium is listed at 76,416.  It's almost large enough to hold a mid-level soccer match.


Meanwhile, LSU's Tiger Stadium boasts a capacity of 102,321. And most of those fans are drunk. To put that in perspective the difference between capacity at the two venues is 25,905 or roughly the population of New Iberia. Trust me, almost 26,000 extra folks make a difference in how much noise is coming from the stadium.

Arkansas v LSU
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Oh yeah, there are other SEC stadiums that could swallow up and digest tiny Arrowhead too. Neyland Stadium at the University of Tennessee holds 102,455, Bryant-Denny in Tuscaloosa holds 101,621, Kyle Field at Texas A&M holds 102,733. You have to drop all the way down to Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville Arkansas to find an SEC stadium that is as small as Arrowhead.

Eight of the largest college football stadiums in the country belong to member schools of the SEC. All of those stadiums hold more than Arrowhead and yes, the crowds at those college games are much louder than anything ever heard in Kansas City.

Burrows comments about crowd noise in the SEC were confirmed by Sirius XM radio host and former University of Florida standout Chris Doering.  He played for the Gators in the early 90s and then went on to play seven seasons in the NFL at Green Bay, Washington, Denver, and Pittsburgh, all passionate fanbases. Still, Doering says about Burrows comments on crowd noise " He's 100% accurate".

Doering did say the Kansas City crowd was a lot like a college crowd. They are very passionate and very knowledgeable but they won't be as loud as 102,000 alcohol-infused LSU fans on any given Saturday night.

Currently, Las Vegas likes the Chiefs by 6.5 points. I think that's fair. The Chiefs are a good football team. Their fanbase is passionate but they aren't SEC passionate. Joe Burrow will do just fine on Sunday and trust me, he won't have any issues dealing with noise. He's used to it. Maybe because in the SEC, it just means more.

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