The past few weeks we have learned a lot more about former LSU star Joe Burrow. We, here in Louisiana, knew all about Joe's abilities on the football field. We saw him lead the Tigers to an undefeated season and a national championship. We also saw that Joe Burrow was a little, no, he is a lot, canailles.

Joe Burrow
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We didn't really see a lot of that playful tomfoolery while Joe was with LSU. He was too busy concentrating on the tough defenses of the Southeastern Conference. But, as he has progressed into his second year with the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL we are seeing a lot more of the playful side of Joe Burrow.

Y'all remember when Joe got the town of Cincinnati upset by speaking the truth about why Bengals players very seldom get into trouble? But that was nothing compared to the steaming pile of poo Joe's comments about the NFL caused.

WAFB, Facebook
WAFB, Facebook

As you can see, Joey B doesn't mind saying what's on his mind and he doesn't mind who is hearing what he has to say. But what Joe Burrow did during the Super Bowl was just an epic troll move involving the Los Angeles Rams defense.

The Bengals had not played the Rams with Joe Burrow at quarterback until they met in the Super Bowl. I guess Joe felt like the pre-game introductions weren't enough for the Rams' players to figure out which one he was, so he introduced himself, personally. and NFL Films microphones caught it all.

So, do you think Joe was really being an onfield troll or do you think he was just being respectful? Either way, I am sure those "Hi, I'm Joe" moments got in some player's heads, at least for a play or two.

And no, I don't think there was any confusion on the Rams' sideline about who Joe Burrow is or was. I think there is a lot of speculation about what he could be, at least in regard to football. But, time will have to let that scenario play out.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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In the meantime, we should be bracing ourselves for more funny moments from Joe Burrow. After all, he was designated king of the NFL's one-liners during the course of his rookie year.

I think we are all in agreement that we appreciate what Joe Burrow did while he played at LSU. We are going to watch with great anticipation to see how his NFL career unfolds too. I am just glad through all the attention, the hype, and yeah, the BS that he appears to be just Joe from Athens Ohio. A good kid raised by good people who also happens to be good at a sport we all enjoy.

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