When you stop and think about it, Joe Burrow has had about as good of a career as a college and now NFL quarterback can have over the past few years. In college, Burrow led LSU to a National Championship. In the NFL, Burrow stands poised on the cusp of leading his team, the Cincinnati Bengals to a Super Bowl victory. And the key part to remember is just how quickly this happened.

As you might imagine "the Internet" has been spending a lot of time going through Joe Burrow videos, games, history, tweets, his household garbage, probably some old text messages too, just to find out more about this Ohio boy turned honorary Cajun.

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Well, the Internet now believes it has found the precise moment when Joe Burrow stopped being just a quarterback and became The Legend that is Joe Burrow. Based on what the world wide web is saying that moment happened in the Fiesta Bowl in 2019.

In that game, the #11 LSU Tigers were facing the #8 UCF Knights. This was supposed to be UCF's coming out party against a Power 5 opponent. And for a while, it looked as if the Knights had something extra in the tank to defeat LSU. That was up until this vicious hit on Joey B.

As you can see Burrow took a wallop from Joey Connors while attempting to make a tackle on an interception. The trash talk at the end of the play was from Nate Evans. I do believe that was the reason you saw the referees throw a flag.

Burrow has gone on record as saying he would have gotten up from that lick more quickly but he had the wind knocked out of him. Speaking of records Connors the man who delivered the hit is now a football coach for Greensboro College. That team lost every game they played last year. Nate Evans is in the NFL, well kind of, he plays for Los Angeles' other team, no not the Clippers, the Chargers.

But from that moment on, Joe Burrow never lost another college football game again. In fact, LSU didn't lose that game either. They defeated UCF by a score of 40 to 32. Burrow threw for almost 400 yards and four touchdowns in the game.

It's hard to believe that lick and that game was so long ago. Yet, here we are standing at the ready for what a lot of us in Louisiana believe will be another "Joe Burrow Moment". I just hope his "moment" isn't spoiled by some jackwagon call made by an officiating crew who forget to read the rule book before the game started.

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