Okay, football fans. Now it's time to get excited. The NFL released the 2016 schedules for all the teams last night, and that means we have also found out who your New Orleans Saints will play in the upcoming season.

The Saints will have eight home games against the Raiders, Falcons, Panthers, Seahawks, Broncos, Rams, Lions, and Buccaneers.

New Orleans road games include traveling to take on the Chargers, Giants, Chiefs, 49ers, Panthers, Buccaneers, Cardinals and Falcons.

When looking over the 2016 schedule. one thing sticks out. There is no game with the Dallas Cowboys. For the last few years, Saints and Cowboys fans have looked forward to that game. Especially in this area, there are a lot of Dallas and Saints fans who have huge parties for that game in the Southwest Louisiana area. I know a bunch of people who are going to be real disappointed.

The Saints will start the 2016 preseason on Thursday, August 11th when they take on The Patriots. They will also face the Texans, Steelers and Ravens in the 2016 preseason.

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