Did you know that you can choose your title company when closing on a home?

You get to decide and should start considering your title insurance options from the get go! Different title companies offer different rates and different options. Landmark Title Services Lake Charles is Alta Best Practices Certified and are here to answer all of your questions and be your title company.

1. Title insurance, especially for buyers, is crucial in protecting against defects in the chain of ownership of property. These defects can hinder your ability to buy, sell or even use your property as collateral.
2. Closing costs can be a significant expense when completing your property purchase or sale. Knowing your options in closing agents can save you money. Most people don't think of closing costs until it is too late to make a choice.
3. Not all title companies have an attorney on staff. It is very beneficial that an attorney owner, like at Landmark Title, is available to address legal issues as they arise.
4. ALTA Best Practices Certification. American Land Title Association certification. This certification means that Landmark has undergone an extensive vetting process to make sure its practices best protect your money and your title work.