Tracy Lynn

Yes, I've been robbed six times. Now, I'm really fed up.

The first time that I can remember, I was a lifeguard at a public pool. My purse sat right under me on the tall lifeguard chair. Some kid snatched it, stole the $8 I had to my name, and left the purse behind a building.


The second time, someone broke into my car while I was at church and stole $5 out of my wallet.

A few years later, I had a "Big Game" party at my house. The next day, the sapphire ring my grandparents had given me for my college graduation was missing. It was very valuable for many reasons. It was never found.

The fourth time I was robbed happened at the end of my daughter's wedding reception. Some untoward fellows sauntered into the venue while we were cleaning up and snatched my evening bag off a table and went on a beer and cell phone card shopping spree at Wal-Mart using my Discover card. Surveillance video helped nab the offenders. I even got a check for restitution, and someone found my empty handbag.

Landscape bricks were the fifth item a thief felt I needed to be relieved of. They were placed around a flower bed in my front yard, and the person who took them decided those particular ones didn't need to be there.


Tracy's car

The last act of thievery happened this past weekend. Someone sauntered down my 50 foot driveway to my carport in the back of my house and stole two Visa gift cards that, thankfully, were nearly empty and my backpack filled with my makeup and personal items.

I posted something on Facebook about it, and some people were quick to remind me about locks.


Here's my response:

I know about locks. I also know about respect. Sure, I should have locked my car. However, I don't believe anyone should blame the victim of any crime in any way, shape or form for becoming a victim. It's not as though my car were parked on the side of the street or even that there was easy access to it. Whatever piece of scum robbed me made a conscious effort to come onto my property and open my car door and remove my items from my back seat.

And, as several other on that Facebook thread correctly pointed out, there's no way of knowing if he or she wouldn't have broken a window to get to whatever was in my car anyway. I found out later that the perpetrators are canvassing my neighborhood robbing other people as well.

I've been robbed six times. I know about locks. I wish everyone knew about respecting other people's things. And maybe morals, too.