It was 2 o’clock in the morning when a car went speeding past a Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s deputy on Interstate 10 about two miles west of Sulphur.  At first, maybe it looked like a typical late night speeder, but according to the CPSO, nothing about this traffic violation was normal.


Cpl. Landry Willis did what he always does in these situations – he turned on his lights and sirens and made it clear that Mr. Lead Foot should pull over.  But then things started getting … real.

CPSO Spokesperson Kim Myers said the chase quickly got up to speeds of 120 mph, swerving from lane to lane and passing other vehicles.  And as is usually the case in chases like these, the driver soon lost control.  He tried to take the Vinton exit, but struck the guard rail and then deflecting into another guard rail on the opposite side of the lane.

That’s when cops finally caught up with the speeder – as it a criminal?  Some junkie trying to out run the fuzz?  Nope.  It turned out to be an 11-year-old boy from Lafayette. His name was unavailable to the press because of his age, and there was no explanation given as to how he’d gotten ahold of the car.  (He was uninjured, by the way.)

His plan?  To get to Houston.  Mission failed, little dude.

After further investigation he was charged with reckless operation and flight from an officer and was released to his parents.

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