Elections don't get any closer than the race for Lake Charles City Councilman for District B!

One vote. ONE VOTE!

If it weren't for that one person going to the polls on Saturday, that race would have ended in a tie! If it weren't for that person and another voting in favor of incumbent Luvertha August's favor, the council seat would have been taken by Nicole Moncrief.

Interestingly, both candidates appear to have done an amazing job convincing more voters to get to the polls for the run-off than for the primary. According the Secretary of State's website, 1827 people cast votes on March 25th. As you can see, 550 more people decided to have their voices heard on April 29th.

It's worth noting that 2377 is still only 40.5% of the voters who were registered in District B. That means that nearly 3500 people decided to allow someone else to choose who will be representing them on the Lake Charles City Council.

I don't know about you, but I really enjoy my right to speak for myself.




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