One thing that we love to do in Louisiana is have a good time and more times than others it can include adult beverages. Yet, this is not a reason to exceed your normal intake and is surely not the best thing to do to get on the road during this time.

Well, this weekend you may want to be on alert as it is not the time for you to be driving under the influence. First of all, it is dangerous and could harm or potentially kill an innocent person like yourself. But this weekend the CPSO will be participating in a national crackdown on drunk driving here in Lake Charles. The DWI checkpoints will be at an undisclosed location this Friday, February 18.

If you are going out this weekend and anytime you decide to drink, make sure you have a designated driver so that you can end up in your home unharmed and safe.

Not only will intoxicated drivers be targeted but also those under the influence of narcotics as well. Believe me, it is not easy to maneuver a vehicle when you are driving impaired as the weather conditions and the roads are unpredictable regardless of where you are.


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